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With more than 31 years of service in this field, we understand what small businesses like yours are looking for in the way of design; an image that best represents your professionalism, service, business and products and conveys to your clients and customers quality, service and reliability.

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Your business image — its quality, uniqueness and appeal to your target audience is crucial to your success, because it distinguishes you from your competition and provides the impact necessary to imbed your business and product into the memories of your future customers.

High quality graphic design and branding are not reserved for large corporations or well established businesses only. As a small business ourselves, CurtisDesign is willing and able to go the 'extra mile' to create for you your own, professional identity, within your budget restrictions. How? Because we are made up of professionals who are just beginning our careers, under the guidance of a seasoned professional of 31 years, and want to help the small business owner while building our portfolios and simultaneously gaining a loyal clientele.

Creative Logo Design

Credibility in the business world requires a professional and memorable image with which your customers and future customers identify you. Your logo determines how your business is perceived. Uniqueness is imperative if your business is going to stand out among all the others. "A picture says a thousand words." A well defined, superior business image is of utmost importance to set your business apart from the others. CurtisDesign can do this for you, and do it within your budget.

We at CurtisDesign-online will help you to achieve this from start to finish. Your ideas are what matter most to us. We begin by sending you a questionnaire that will allow us to understand what you are looking for in your logo design. Sometimes our clients need to fill out another questionnaire after seeing our first draft concepts as they gain a better understanding of what their needs are. We want to make certain your custom logo captures the essence of your business. We work closely with you to ensure that your vision is transformed into the perfect visual mark that identifies your business. If we can't achieve this goal, you owe us nothing.

Business Image & Branding

At CurtisDesign we bring our time tested, professional design skills to the small business owner, like you, by providing everything you need, and we do it within your budget. We provide Logo Design; Website Design; Web Page Graphics and Icons; Printed Marketing Materials including Business Cards and Stationery, Brochures, Magazine and Newspaper Ads, Billboard Ads, Signs, Enhancement and Manipulation of Photographs you need included in your marketing materials, Postcards and Note Cards and any kind of printed visual design you need.

Whether you are looking to develop your business branding, or simply need to produce one or two small advertisements, we will work closely with you in the creation of the perfect 'picture that says a thousand words' to express exactly what your business and product is all about. CurtisDesign can create a new brand image to replace an ineffective brand you already have or work from the ground up with you and launch your new business in style. We work closely with you to create the perfect brand image that expresses your business and products.

Remember, an ongoing graphic design program which guides the look of everything from signage, to print materials, from brochures, to magazine ads, provides a clear, consistent image for your company and your product. It distinguishes you from your competition. It gives you the freedom to express your message in today's vernacular while maintaining visual continuity. It provides greater clarity and organization of information. And, over time, it provides greater impact regardless of whether you produce two advertising campaigns a year, or advertise two thousand times a year.

Since 1977, we've helped small businesses just like yours achieve 'the perfect look'.

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Small Business Logo Design & Branding in South Central PA & North Central MD Serving Hanover PA, York PA, York County, Gettysburg PA, Adams County, Carlisle PA, Camp Hill PA, Cumberland County, Harrisburg PA & Dauphin County in Pennsylvania, Westminster MD, Carroll County, Hunt Valley MD & Baltimore County Maryland